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      See who's committed to visitor safety

      Live Forward Pledge

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      Experience Columbus Blog



      Experience Columbus

      Columbus is a city built on bold ideas and fueled by relentless optimism. As a community, we tend to dream big. We let nothing stop us from turning today's dreams into better tomorrows. Right now, in the midst of this global crisis, when life seems to be put on hold, it's more important than ever to look forward. By spreading hope and happiness, we can outlast the spread of COVID-19. As friends, neighbors, and family, let's live to love. Live to give back. And show the world all that's possible when you #LIVEFORWARDCBUS.

      Columbus is open and welcoming visitors and is dedicated to doing so safely. View the businesses who have signed the Live Forward Pledge, committed to keeping visitors safe during the pandemic, see what attractions are open and welcoming visitors and stay engaged with us through our digital platforms. 

      Learn more.

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      When we get to the other side of the peak, “normal” may take on a new meaning. One thing is for sure though; we’re all looking for ways to cure our stir-craziness this year. Some of Columbus’ most notable assets is its variety of major attractions, public art throughout the city and our commitment to quality and collaboration in everything we do.

      Book any one of these special experiences to start exploring something new.

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      African American Sculptor Tour

      • Mobile exclusive
      • Instantly delivered via text and email
      • No apps to download
      • Explore some of the best art in Columbus
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      Made in Cbus Trail

      • Mobile exclusive
      • Instantly delivered via text and email
      • No apps to download
      • Save on the best of Columbus
      • Shop at 4 locations and receive a tote bag
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      Special Exhibits

      Chihuly Nights

      Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


      Online/Virtual (Columbus)

      Urban Arts Space - Behind Body

      Hopkins Hall Gallery


      Wexner Center Galleries
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      Virtual Events

      2021 Virtual Gallery Hop

      Short North Arts District

      A Better & Nobler Man

      Online/Virtual (Columbus)

      A Conversation about Chess of the Wind

      Online/Virtual (Columbus)

      A Conversation with Mary Jirmanus Saba

      Online/Virtual (Columbus)
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